Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Escape to the country.

Hooray, we're out of the marina! These days I get claustrophobic when confined to a marina, much prefer the peripatetic life. Doctors have been visited, still disgustingly healthy apart from a few age related incidences of bits wearing out. Eyes have been tested, mine have only deteriorated just enough so I need a new pair of breathtakingly expensive specs. Unfortunately the eye test showed that Jill has a cataract that needs removing, it explains why she keeps walking into things, I'd just put it down to the drink. We are now negotiating where and when she can have the operation, rather thrown our plans into disarray.
Surprise sighting as we left the marina, by the Triumph factory, a large raptor was being mobbed by a couple of crows, at first we assumed that it was a buzzard but as we got closer it became obvious that it was actually a red kite. I know they are becoming more common but have never seen one this far east before, beautiful creatures.
Now just outside Dadlington, near bridge thirty one, Wooden Top Bridge and not a sign of a spotty dog nor a traffic policeman so I can only assume that at some time in the past it had a wooden deck, now replaced with concrete.

Watch this space.............

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