Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Remember, remember etc.

Bonfire night, the night we remember the 1605 Catesby plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament with the king and all the M.P.'s. It would probably have worked only all the hot air coming out of the House of Commons kept blowing Guy Fawkes' matches out.

Poor old Guy or Guido Fawkes gets all the opprobrium but he was only dragged into the plot because none of the other twelve plotters had the knowledge of gun powder. It seems likely that, although Fawkes had fought as a mercenary in the low countries, he had bought old gunpowder that was past its sell by date and wouldn't have exploded anyway.

Of course he was the poor sap who actually got caught sitting on thirty six barrels of powder in the cellar and was promptly arrested, tortured and subsequently hung, drawn and quartered.

It wasn't long before the other conspirators were captured or killed. All those taken prisoner soon met a similar fate to Guy.

So last night we had a celebration to show what we think of rotters who try to blow up parliament.
If you really want to see real celebrations you should go to Bridgewater in Somerset where they have the biggest illuminated carnival in the world, or to Lewes in Sussex where they trundle burning tar barrels through the streets, here at Hinckley we made do with some rousing fireworks.

Everybody in the marina agreed it was a splendid show.

Watch this space...........

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