Thursday, 25 October 2012

Who's out there?

In 2009, while moored at the Black Country Museum in Dudley, we met Sue and Vic off narrowboat No Problem and that dear lady suggested that we should start a blog. It seemed a sensible idea, the family would obviously love the idea of knowing what the olds were up to so, with Sue's help, I set this up. Within a couple of months the family had inevitably lost interest but to my amazement we seemed to have gained viewers from across the globe and the blog had taken on a life of its own.
Since then I have slavishly related the happenings of our life on the canals of England and am now amazed to find that, according to Neocounter, we have had visitors from one hundred and seven countries. I appreciate that a large proportion of these will have have tripped over the site whilst innocently seeking knowledge of dasypodidae but we also seem to have regular visitors from many places across the globe, what intrigues me is who and why?
I know there has been some discussion of late about the popularity of various blogs as measured by the differering systems available and the apparent unfairness of some of these. This blog languishes, generally, in the middle ranks which is fine by us as we do not regard blogging as a competition but as a pastime that we enjoy and hopefully brings pleasure to others. Neoworks and the UK Waterways Sites were added to liven up the appearance and never agree on the number of visitors and neither of them agree with Google's counting, something that never ceases to amuse.
But to get to the nub, the point, of this post, apart from some fellow bloggers, there are rarely any comments left by visitors, regular or casual, and we are left with no idea as to their opinions of our meanderings. Please do feel free to comment, let us know your opinions, however derogatory, and a clue as to your location would add a frisson of excitement to our blogging.
Thank you.

Watch this space............


Nev Wells said...

Sitting in my office in Derby on a vicarious cruise with all you liveaboards.... keep up the blogging,

Nev NB Waterlily

Kevin said...

The Derby Maffia is watching you Graham & Jill.... LOL
I'm a wannabe boater tied to and office desk too, just like Nev... how strange :)
Keep up the good work, always enjoy reading your reports.

jampot55 said...

ha - I have to agree with your musings .... I'm going to pinch some of what you say to put in my blog next week. At least you now have 3 comments!!
cheers, Janice and Dai, NB Jandai

Sue Hunter said...

We're reading! It is interesting to see your "total visitors by country". Sue & Dave NB Beefur, just arrived in not so sunny Birmingham, on our winter jolly.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Four and counting :-)

Captain Ahab said...

Birmingham is maintaining a watching brief too - see you somewhere out there next year. Two meetings on 2012 wasn't bad.

Jane said...

Sitting reading your blog in Market Bosworth, wondering which water point we are going to bump into you on next?? Northwich, Stourport and Market Bosworth so far!Would miss your musings if you stopped blogging.' NB "Everso..."

Anonymous said...

Well at this stage I'm the one furthest away. Melbourne Aust, at work. Squirreling away as much info as I can for next years impending retirement. I'm guessing you now have a fair idea of our retirement plans. Liz -

Andy Healey said...

Gill and I are watching in Norfolk, we like to see what the boatie bloggers are up to on a regular basis.

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi There you two,
We are still reading but not Blogging at the moment.

You would not believe just how boring it is to live in a house.

Having said that we might be up and running again very soon as we are that close to buying a Hotel (Plus the only bar on the island) in the Orkneys.

A crash course in single malts is under way and D seems to have a better "nose" than me.

Kindest regards to you both and do keep Blogging.

roger said...

Hi Graham, I am also in Melbourne, Oz and having moored next to you and having a chat at Audlem last year I periodically pop in to see where you are and what you are up to. We own 6 weeks on a share boat and get over each Spring for a fairly decent cruise and get our 'canal fix' for the year. Then we can get on with all the other things and places that we do for the rest of the year. With Blogs like yours, we can vicariously stay up to date with the state of the cut.

Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards grind you down!

Cheers, Roger

Eddie said...

I have 65 canal bloggers on google reader. So i don't get to comment much as most of my time is spent reading.