Saturday, 20 October 2012

As far as Rugby.

On Thursday the wind dropped to a manageable level so we slipped our moorings and headed for Braunston. I presume that this

is the old motor that sank at the end of November 2009 and spent a couple of years half blocking the canal. Looking at her I don't think it will be too long before she's sitting on the bottom again.
Opposite her there was proof that the age of psychedelia is not over,

fair knocks your eye out.

It wasn't long before Braunston's church came in sight with the old windmill next to it. We went up to the marina for a pump out and water and then came back down and moored by The Bridge House,

Jill had informed me we were eating out so it seemed the logical place to stop. Jill wanted to visit the Braunston Butcher so we set off up the hill to the main street,

a symphony in mellow stone and red brick.

This brick house is a particular favourite of mine,

it takes a top class brickie to have the confidence to set out a pattern of headers and stretchers like that. It's called Flemish Bond when the bricks are laid in that pattern.

Last time we were here this was semi derelict with the woodwork in a poor state but now it has been tarted up and is the village hairdressing salon. Jill has made a note of that.
We stocked up on meat at the butchers, enough to last a few days anyway and that evening we dined out at the aforementioned establishment and excellent it was. I had belly pork braised in maple syrup, couldn't fault it. Next morning it was my treat, breakfast on The Gongoozlers Rest, the floating cafe run by our friend Avril,   I will not need to eat for a week, her Gongoozler's Breakfast would challenge Desperate Dan.
Last night was spent out in the country near Bridge 80. The bridge has been in a terrible state for several years but now C.&R.T. and W.R.G. have got together and put repairs in hand.

It is still a work in progress but at least you can now go through without the fear of it collapsing onto the boat, hopefully this is a sign of things to come with volunteers working hand in hand with C.&R.T.
We continued on our way and at Hillmorton we were fortunate enough to meet n.b. Hadar coming up the locks and we managed to procure five bags of coal, well smokeless fuel, so the coal box is well topped up. Shame I had put all clean kit on this morning, lifting coal bags onto the roof is not the cleanest of occupations, looks like the washing machine will be called into play tomorrow.
We have stopped by Tescos at Rugby, wine rack full, smoked fish for breakfast and all other necessities purchased. The towpath is a mud bath but it usually is here. Tomorrow we head north towards Sutton's Stop.

Watch this space...........

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