Friday, 26 October 2012

Carry on up the Ashby.

We did a short transit today, it had become obvious that the wind was not going to drop and we were running short of milk, so Hinckley it was.

We've never made it up to Burton Hastings church, there are no convenient moorings nearby although a walk up from Hospital Bend would not be over far, perhaps on our way back? This is an agricultural area but the fields here are criss crossed

by the national grid.

I am given to understand that there are different types of pylon that the afficianados collect, a bit like train spotters, I think the excitement would be too much for me.

Autumn is definitely exploring its palette of colours this year although the usual wash of red haws on the hawthorn is much muted so what the redwings and fieldfares are going to subsist on is open to question, looks like they'll be on short commons this winter.
We're booked into the marina for a week from next Wednesday, family visit so brace yourself for more slushy photo's of grandsprogs.
Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post, bucked us up no end.

Watch this space............

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