Sunday, 1 April 2012

You have to laugh, especially when it happens to someone else.

Having been moored out in the country for a couple of days today we crept back into Ellesmere to await the arrival of daughter and grandsprogs tomorrow. Moored prettily in the town arm and I was wondering what I could write on here when a commotion was heard. Now nobody can resist having a peer at a commotion so I popped up onto the towpath and peered and this was the sight that awaited.

The boat on the left was moored and the other two had just proved that you can't get three boats abreast at that point.

They carefully studied the situation and

it seemed that if they both went astern all would be well. Alas, they remained firmly wedged so it was

muscle power that was next applied but, like the donkey in the song, the boats refused to move. By now the usual audience had gathered and advice was being merrily given from all sides and being received in good spirits by the beleaguered boaters, oh how we all enjoyed the contretemps.
Eventually the crew of another boat, who had no desire to be stuck up the end of the arm for the duration,

passed a line and with a bit of a heave succeeded in hauling the yellow boat through.

The boats went their separate ways, the crowd dispersed and tranquility descended once again upon Ellesmere. It did brighten our day, I believe the word is schadenfreude?

Watch this space.................

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