Sunday, 11 March 2012

Scrub, polish, cooking, my lady is a marvel.

As promised we have spent the last two days getting the boat looking a bit smarter, both sides polished, although some of the scratches acquired whilst passing other boats in the more overgrown sections are still visible. There is nothing worse than the squeal of a tree branch scraping along the cabin side. Can you imagine the howls there would be if the roadside verges were allowed to become so overgrown that cars got their paint scratched simply driving along the roads?
 The front well deck has been cleared, you could have planted spuds under the tiles. Jill has been busily cleaning inside this morning besides cooking up a batch of mince pies, her puff pastry would grace the dining room of a Michelin starred restaurant.

How's this for a view from the kitchen window? Not a sound besides the birds singing, apart from the dog snoring that is, rather spoils the bucolic charms.
I was poring over the Ordnance Survey Explorer Map for the area (Map no. 240) last night when I spotted a Shropshire village called Knockin. It was too much to resist so I found it on the web and yes, it does have a village post office and store,

and it is called......., well just look at the picture. I borrowed the picture from another web site so I hope the owner will forgive my plagiarism but it was too good to miss.
Moving on to Queens Head tomorrow.

Watch this space..............

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