Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Problems with water points.

Since my last post we have wandered down to Chester (again). We topped up the store cupboard at Nantwich, stopped overnight at Calveley and then had a day at one of our all time favourite mooring spots.

Just above Whartons Lock, below Beeston Castle perched on it's rocky outcrop. It is totally rural, at night there is only one light visible from the boat, that's from a BIG house up on the offside of the cut.

It really looks and feels like autumn has arrived.
Today we set off for Chester intending to water at Christleton, well the water point is still there, tucked in by the bridge abutment, unfortunately the bank, never too stable there, has collapsed totally into the cut so there is no way you can get at the water. Glad there is a water point by Chemistry Lock, even though there were two boats moored on it, we breasted up on them and watered, I do love considerate people, I left them a little note thanking them for making life just that bit more interesting.

The water tower appears to be having some work done on it, wonderful bit of scaffolding.
Guess who had beaten us to Chester:

Yes, Santa is already here, oh whoopee!
We arrived just nicely timed to get lunch in The Old Harkers Arms, twelve real ales and some of the best pub grub we've found, pricey but delicious and plentiful, I had the beef, stilton and port suet pudding and Jill had a steak with tarragon butter and all the trimmings. Slept all afternoon.
Saddened to hear that the Red Lion at Cropredy had closed down, was always one of our regular haunts when on the Oxford.
Christmas shopping tomorrow.

Watch this space...............

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