Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Around and about Coole Pilate.

My dear lady suggested lunch out yesterday so we walked back to Audlem and tried The Bridge, now under new management after a period when it really went down hill. It is a Marstons pub and the menu was bog standard company fare but the gammon I had was top notch and Jill says the steak and ale pie is spot on. Plus the bitter was in excellent condition. We'll put it back on the acceptable list. We also had a pudding apiece so the walk back to Coole Pilate was a bit of a struggle.

As we still have the place to ourselves we thought that another day here wouldn't upset anyone. There were another three boats here overnight but by the time we were up and about they had headed off for places unknown.
We went off for a walk around the lanes:
Coole Pilate itself seems to consist of some scattered farms and associated cottages and this attractive little United Methodist Free Church, now converted to domestic use.
Of course the major site around here is the Secret Nuclear Bunker

which appeared to be up for a change of status, anyone fancy a bomb proof abode? Closer inspection revealed that the for sale sign actually applied to a couple of barn conversions and also up for grabs was the Hack Green Maggot Farm, must be a real problem, rounding up the little wrigglers.

Someone seems to have a thing about Land Rovers, there must be at least one of every model they have made, all in varying stages of decay, it takes all kinds..........
Lastly, large and strange fungus growing on some old wood chippings,

could it be Peziza vesiculosa?

Watch this space.............

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