Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Market day and good? news on B.W. pump out cards..

There seems to be a lot of whatever this is being grown around here. Is it one of these bio fuel type things? Answers on a postcard.

Below Tyrley Locks, just by bridge 61, yet more folk art.

Market day

at Market Drayton, we bought garlic and chilli sausages, cod fillets and wild rabbit and watched a stall keeper give a shop-lifter a slapping, well done that man. The fishing tackle stall has gone, sign of the times I suppose.
For those who haven't heard the good news yet: as of yesterday cards for B.W. pump outs are going up from £10 to £14.75, work that out with the rate of inflation. We've cleared the local stockists out at the old rate!
Back into no signal land tomorrow.

Watch this space........


bert the gnome said...

... and that's why this gnome is going for a Thetford!


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Ah! But we also have a self pump out pump which means we can go for three weeks and then pump out for free. Just need a strong right arm. We use B.W. pump outs when I'm feeling idle, which is most of the time to be honest.