Sunday, 21 August 2011

Yee Hah.

Let's start in a normal world, just across from the Tontine there are some cottages, one of which has the most amazing floral display,

the hanging baskets are just awe inspiring, my last job was in a garden centre and these impress even me.

Now this has a decidedly Tolkienish appearance but is still relatively normal.
It was only when we arrived down at the riverside park that things started to get surreal.

What appeared to be several hundred people were parading up and down

to the alleged music of a chap with a guitar.

Yes, the park was full of line dancers, but things got worse.

Now I suppose that a fondness for country and western music is acceptable but this bloke

was broad Geordie, country and north eastern?

Things were really getting out of hand, full kit and a polystyrene cup of coffee? Nearly as amusing as those who turn up at boat rallies wearing collarless shirts, moleskin trousers and big leather belts.

In the trade stands you could purchase garments of choice, while outside,

what can I say?

Flags flew above the campsite

and the local gunfighter fixed me with a steely gaze, we left before I was called out for a shoot out at the local corral.
After a lifetime of experience people still have the power to amaze me but how dull would life be without enthusiasts, no matter how daft it seems to normal people, for a given value of normal.
We are expecting a visit from aged relatives tomorrow:

Watch this space.............

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