Thursday, 4 August 2011

B.W. continues to amaze.

It was a long hot day yesterday, we had to go down Sidbury Lock for water and to wind, it was a bit disconcerting with this lot

peering over the wall at us, not sure whose side they're on.
Below the lock

this is about all that is left of the Royal Worcester factory, is there any industry left in Britain?

Had to have a picture of the well known railway bridge with the hole in it, it was built like that to provide a photo' opportunity for narrow boaters, or was it something to do with weight reduction?
We plodded on up the cut until I was given a chance to do a George Formby impression, you have to be British and in a certain age group to appreciate this.

Here I am with "My Little Stick Off Blackpole Lock". Oh well, please yourselves.
All the locks were in our favour and we only saw two other boats on the move until we came to Offerton Locks, we passed a hire boat coming down and slipped all unconcerned into lock thirteen, I then noticed that lock fourteen wasn't just full but water was pouring over the bottom gates, on investigation I was told that B.W. were running water down because the pound below lock seven was totally dry, I pointed out that we had come up and although all the pounds were a bit low none was dry. "No", I was assured, "that pound is dry" and the water continued to pour down. Net result was that we were held up for an hour and the long pound is now so low we scraped bottom this morning as we continued our journey. I had a poke along our hull today and couldn't find any wheels so how did we get through a "dry" pound? The ways of B.W. passeth all understanding.

Here's another super wheeze, when the bridges start to fall apart don't bother fixing them, just nail lots of plastic mesh over them to stop the bits landing on boaters heads, not that there will be many boaters up this way soon,

I reckon one more seasons reed growth and all that will get up here will be canoes and possibly "The African Queen".
Tomorrow the other grandsprogs and parents arrive for a week, posts may become infrequent but,

Watch this space.............


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