Saturday, 20 August 2011

Up river to Stourport, we seem to have spent too much time here.

Yesterday dawned fine and calm. As I took the dog for her morning constitutional I looked up and over the rooftops of Worcester,

a hot air balloon floated serenely.
In the basin nb Roach and her butty

were waiting to make a delivery to Viking Afloat in Lowesmoor Basin, remembering how we had scraped the bottom and how deeply laden Roach was I silently wished them the best of luck.
The general opinion is that the lack of water in the lower Worcester & Birmingham is due to the Droitwich taking rather more water than they had bargained for and, as yet, they haven't got the supplies balanced. Personally I think a little dredging would work wonders.
We made an early, for us, start and were soon through Diglis Locks,

Jill stands contemplating the wide waters of the Severn, a bit like bold Cortez upon a peak in Darien although I doubt he had a windlass. Jill is not a fan of rivers.

Out on the river we were soon passing the city with the cathedral towering over the the waters of Sabrina (Poetic name for the Severn, I thought she was a 1950's film start with big parts in several films)

The local swan population was preparing for a hard day scrounging bread off of the tourists
there's hundreds of them, swans that is, not tourists, although I suppose there's hundreds of them as well, I wish I'd never started this, I'm getting confused.

Through the elegant road bridge and a last look back

at the cathedral.
After passing the rowing club and a few large houses we were once again out in the country,

the river winding, placid at the moment, between wooded banks.

Through Bevere Lock and passing

the entrance to the Droitwich, been there, done that.

If you can't make out the name on this cruiser it's called Expensive Hobby.

The board showing which branch of the river to take is behind these bushes, really helpful.
We had a two hour wait at Lincomb Lock as there were divers working above the lock, the water supply to the lock cottage had broken under the river and they had had no water for two weeks, the lockie was not happy. Once through we were soon in sight of Stourport

and up the two staircase locks into the basin where we found a mooring by the water point

and watched the afterglow over the clock warehouse.
This morning we snuck up the lock and grabbed a five day mooring, here until Tuesday.

Watch this space............

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