Thursday, 8 July 2010

Some thoughts on bridges, boating idiots and Penkridge.

As you go down the Trent and Mersey the bridges

are fairly normal normal brick built canal bridges until you come to bridge 82,

which is this splendid brick and stone edifice which looks more suitable to a medieval fortress, so why? It's only on a country lane leading to a small village, not even on the drive to a big house , another of lifes little mysteries.
We turned onto the Staffs. and Worcs. at Great Hayward and yesterday was spent nearly on Tixall Wide(We will find a space to moor there one day) sitting out the gale that was blowing and the rain that was promised but never arrived.

Jill brings us out of Tixall Lock.

Looking across the water meadows of the River Sow from the aquaduct.

Milford Bridge on the Staffs. and Worcs. a supremely elegant turnover bridge, bet you couldn't find a brickie nowadays who could build it.
We then came across a B.W. team spot dredging the bridge holes when lo!

if you look under the bridge, some idiot decided to come through the bridge from the other direction.

Just remember, they are out there and they are coming for you. Do they really let them vote?

Hooray for B.W. bollards.

Penkridge, didn't go down that street.

The main street of a handy little town, butchers, bakers etc.
Tomorrow we aim to be back on the Shroppie, that means we will have done the Four Counties Ring in about three months,oh well, no point in rushing.

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