Friday, 9 July 2010

Gailey and a glimpse of the Hatherton Branch.

We set off from Penkridge at 0630 (really) for bridge 8 on the Shroppie, a pleasant run with a couple of things of note.

Gailey Round House and the somewhat daunting

approach to Gailey Lock.

Those old architects knew how to design an aesthetically pleasing pleasing building.

The Hatherton Branch, when will it reopen? if ever. The usual chaos at Autherley Junction (Cut end) was increased by the presence of the 100th Tom Rolt anniversary/re enactment of Cressys' voyage being there, no time for camera work, to busy dodging boats and people dressed as (their version of) working boat people.
Arrived at bridge 8 at about 1300

and have this chap as a neighbour, wonder if he's related to the one at Vale Royal, they look similar.

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