Sunday, 4 July 2010

A Family Visit.

Friday arrived and so did daughter Cairstine and grandsons Noah and Jonah, we made our way down to Salt and moored close to bridge 82, the west coast main line runs next to the cut there and boy do those trains motor, as we used to live next to the line in Plymouth they didn't bother us much. The boys demanded to fish so out came the 3m. whip and a bit of bread but as it was hot and sunny the local fish were not in a receptive move, Jonah soon became disenchanted but Noah stuck it out and eventually landed a nice sized roach, he then quit while he was ahead. I decided to show them how it was done and came away with nothing, of course I wasn't really trying.

It just got too hot and the water looked so inviting to two small boys that it was off lagging, retaining boxers for proprieties sake, and a quick jump in the cut. We then took a pleasant walk up to the Hollybush and partook of a splendid meal, in fact the portions were so large that none of us could manage a dessert, much to our chagrin.
On Saturday we went from Salt as far as Tixall Wide where we winded and then returned to Salt for round two at the Hollybush. After dinner on board it was back up the pub for the desserts we couldn't manage Friday! A splendid idea.

Lock inspectors insuring that there elderley relatives are getting it right as we wend our way back to the car.
Back at Stone, offspring and children safely returned to car and away home to Marlborough. Jill
and I relaxing with Classic FM.

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Anonymous said...

THEIR elderly relatives. You should be ashamed Grampy.