Monday, 25 May 2015

Mostly flowers and a new hobby.

Well we made it to Middlewich for our annual visit to Jill's cousin and after a couple of days we dropped down through Wardle Lock, traversed the shortest canal in England, took on water and then came back up through the lock and headed out into the country.

Shot of the plaque on the bridge across the Wardle Canal. When the Shropshire Union built the Middlewich Branch the Trent and Mersey were determined to control the junction so they built one hundred and fifty four feet of nominally independent canal to connect to the Shroppie at Wardle Lock.
As it is a Bank Holiday we stopped out in a nice quiet spot and have sat out the rush of traffic.

"Ne'er cast a clout 'til May is out." There is some discussion about this saying, does it mean that one should retain one's winter undergarments until the start of June or until the may trees come into flower? Whichever is the true interpretation the trees used to have a bad reputation as "Witches trees." Personally I like 'em.

 "Singing, singing buttercups and daisies." Well we weren't on our way to Strawberry Fair but there was an abundance of the flowers along the towpath.

In places the daisies looked almost like snow.
There are plenty of flowers about at this time of year so as we took our morning constitutional I busied myself with the camera.

Field Mouse Ear with it's delicate little blooms.

Some more mouse ear with the last of the cowslips.

Should be a good supply of conkers come the autumn.

Well I've racked my brains and searched through my usual oracle, the Readers Digest Field Guide to British Wild Flowers (1981), but I can't make a positive I.D. on this one.

Looking at the heading and the 'phone number on this notice I reckon it has been adorning the bridge for a good few years.
This last winter I have taken up a hobby again that I have not indulged in for at least forty years.
Model making, so while Jill has been busily cross stitching I have been deep in paint and plastic cement.

This was this winter's project. Well it helps to pass the time.

Watch this space.......


nb Chuffed said...

Hi Jill and Graham,
your blue flower could well be Bugle (Ajuga reptans). We have it in our lawn! Self-heal and ground ivy are similar but it's a bit early for them.
Best wishes

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Must concur, looking at my field guide again and I am sure you have the right of it. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.