Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chester at last, with a smattering of moorhens.

What a contrast, yesterday we left the most bucolic of moorings and now we are in the middle of Chester, moored next to a shiny new Waitrose and in the shadow of rows of blocks of flats.

Just by the Shady Oak this splendid lady was relaxing on her nest in the shelter of the willows.

The Shady Oak has undergone a major refurbishment and is now very smart. At the moment the menu is very limited as the kitchen is still being fitted out. Let's hope that this time it stays open.

Crossing the Cheshire plain the clouds cleared and the sun shone but the wind continued to make life interesting

The moorhens are definitely busy with their nests at the moment, their choice of nesting sites is rather eclectic. These are definitely rural ones, in urban areas their nests are frequently constructed of rubbish garnered from the cut. Once saw a nest neatly built in a styrofoam takeaway tray.

The five locks down into the city run through the nicely manicured suburbs. Be warned though, these locks are heavy going and all but the top one were against us.

Jill kindly said I could have the honour of doing the locking  as I must be fed up with just doing the steering. So I spat on my hands and got on with it. I was soon down to shirt sleeves but flexing the muscles I whipped up paddles and heaved on beams and soon had us down the flight. I did think of doing a Poldark but removing the shirt would not have revealed a six pack, more a Party Seven.

After emerging from Hoole Lane lock

you are suddenly in the heart of urban Chester with flats all about and the old shot tower dominating the skyline. We intend having a few days here as Chester is just about our favourite city.

Watch this space..........


Linda said...

Beautiful photos.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Than you Linda, most of the photos' on this post are Jill's work. I was too busy wielding a windlass to do the snapping!