Sunday, 15 February 2015

Misty morning at Marbury.

We sat out Friday's wind and rain and yesterday was the Six Nations. As predicted we gave the Italians a good sorting out. Mind you they gave us a bit of a scare early on by putting a try over in the first few minutes. We are going to have to watch the Irish though, they have a really good team this year.

This morning I arose with the sun. It was just clearing the hill as I peered blearily out of the side hatch.

It was a fine winter's morning, mist across the meadows and a clear blue sky above.

It is all change now though, the low clouds have moved in and the sun has disappeared.
It looks as though we are staying put for another day or two, Scotland v. Wales today and tomorrow is forecast to be wet with howling gales.

Watch this space.......

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