Thursday, 12 February 2015

By-washes and lift bridges.

After a restful day at Burland, we set off for Wrenbury. At Swanley no. 2 lock there was an interesting C&RT notice pinned to one of the top gates.

Observe that there is no date on the notice, so to which week does it refer? How long has it actually been there?

Yes, it is definitely broken, hopefully they will replace it, rather than just remove it.
Whilst on the subject of dubious signs.

No, no, no. What have the boats passed? A G.C.S.E? The correct wording is, "Whilst passing." I have been called a pedant before now. It's probably an age thing.

Love the chimney, I wonder if they just built it on the ground and then screwed it into the roof?
The Welsh canal is actually an artificial branch of the River Dee, taking its water at the Horseshoe Falls at LLantisilio and feeding the reservoir at Hurlaston. This means there is a constant flow down the canal. It is most noticeable at locks where it runs down the by-wash at a fair rate of knots.

Over the top and then

out at the bottom, usually just at the point where you need good control over the boat to avoid contact with the lock walls. The art is to get over to the offside and allow the water to push you into line with the gates as you approach. It doesn't always work though.
As we approached Wrenbury we encountered the first of the lift bridges for which this canal is well known.

A swift thirty-six turns by Jill on the hydraulic gear

and a bit of nifty steering by me and we were through and onto the moorings. Just a short but muddy stroll from The Cotton Arms where we lunched on superb sandwiches with a well kept pint of Hedge Hopper. After a post prandial nap on board we we readied ourselves and by seven p.m. we were dining at The Dusty Miller. The occasional day of excess does no harm.

This morning we negotiated the next lift bridge, this one electrically operated and on a road. We scored nine cars and a cement truck.
We haven't travelled far today, only to just above Marbury lock. Weather forecast not too good for tomorrow and the Six Nations at the weekend. may well be Monday before we move.

Watch this space........


nb Chuffed said...

At least they didn't write BOAT'S!
We pedants must stick together.
Best wishes

Andy Healey said...

The notice has been up since at least September, we went up and down that way then and the notice was there.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Sometimes they put "Past" and that doesn't work either!!
Pedantry lives!!

Halfie said...

And at least your sign shows "Thank you" as two words. Compare with the CRT sign in this post: