Sunday, 21 December 2014

The art of tree embellishment.

Last weekend was our last at The Anchor before Christmas.

Sunday lunchtime, a gathering of friends for good beer, good craic and the occasional pinch of snuff, for those who care for it. It is truly the last pub left on the cut.
Yesterday Jill and I piled our hire car with Christmas goodies and set off for the trek down to Plymouth. We arrived just in time to assist in that most important affair, hurling quantities of baubles etc. at a poor inoffensive fir tree.

 Here are some simple instructions in this esoteric art.
First of all the lights must be artistically draped upon the boughs.

Assistance may be required at this stage. A drop of decent malt usually helps.
The important part is to then go through the entire set of lights to discover why they aren't working. Next procure another set of lights as the first set will not be long enough. They won't match but to an artist this just represents a challenge.

Now is the time to call in the troops and give them free reign.

And then that great moment when the artists stand back to take the applause.

Which is when the sense of pride is shattered as the audience points out that you have forgotten the fairy on the top.

We remained undaunted. I am still combing needles out of the facial adornments.
So I will leave you with a moving old Christmas poem:

A fairies life is very hard
Up where the tree light flickers.
Sitting here all Christmas long
With a pine tree up your knickers.

Watch this space............

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