Thursday, 4 December 2014

A hazy shade of winter with added kingfisher.

Our slow meandering up and down continues, from Little Onn down to Norbury yesterday, with a stop at Gnosall for shopping and water. Our B.S.C. had nearly expired and Simon had promised to put us in touch with the local examiner.

It was frosty when we set out but a clear winter sun soon saw it off.

 Over to the west the Wrekin was just visible through the haze. It brought to mind the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song "A hazy shade of winter".

Mind you it wasn't quite so pleasant through the cuttings just before Cowley, I think dank is probably the word I am looking for.
But as we came across Shelmore embankment Jill finally realised one of her long held ambitions.

A kingfisher deigned to stay long enough for her to get a photo'.
After arranging for the B.S.C. examiner to turn up Friday morning he actually turned up this morning. Caught us right on the hop but no harm done, Armadillo passed with flying colours so that's that for another four years.
Tomorrow we're moving down as far as The Anchor for the weekend, now there's a surprise.

Watch this space..........

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