Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nearly at the northern end of the Oxfrd.

Through Newbold Tunnel yesterday none of the (in)famous lights were on, have they finally given up?
The stretch of the Oxford from there on is not one of our favourite lengths, blighted as it is by

the railway, alongside for miles and

the M6, a truly horrid road. Though not as bad as the M25, a.k.a. the biggest car park in the world.

Through the cutting just north of All Oaks Wood, at the moment the worst stretch for leaves around the prop., although they were a nuisance for long stretches. I seemed to spend as much time going astern to clear the blasted things as I spent going forward.
Now waiting for the storm that is heading this way. Between Ansty and Suttons Stop we know a short stretch of armco, well sheltered by high hedges so here we are, the M6 one way and the M69 the other but the noise is surprisingly muted and the towpath little used. Tuesday looks a good day to move but:-

Watch this space...........

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