Saturday, 19 October 2013

Life returns to normal.

Back out on the cut, enjoyed our time away but always glad to be on the boat again.

After returning the car we loaded coal and slipped away from the pontoon that had been Armadillo's home for three weeks. We're now happy boaters, diesel and water tanks full, effluent tank empty, plenty of fuel for the stove and on the move.

The sign post gives you three options as you leave the marina.

Straight ahead the Grand Union heads off to Warwick and Birmingham, to the left is Napton and on to Oxford, but we had just come that way so it was a quick right turn and head for Braunston and the North Oxford. Our aim is autumn on the Ashby, maybe even Christmas. Then over to the Shroppie until spring arrives. Next year? Your guess is as good as mine.

We didn't go far, stopped at Flecknoe, one of our favourite places to spend a few days. Weather looks pretty gloomy for the next few days so I expect it will be a day or two before we move. Especially as our old mates Chris and Jude on Theathenia have now turned up.

Looks as though I caught them by surprise. Anyway we had a most convivial evening and they're over for Sunday dinner tomorrow.

Watch this space..........

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