Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Mostly weather, not much excitement.

Well winter seems to have arrived at last, we're still in the Middlewich area but intend heading back to the Shroppie on Thursday.

Last Friday we headed out on the T&M, Croxton Flash seemed to be home base for a number of Canada geese, I wonder what they taste like? The number of them that are infesting the canals they surely wouldn't miss a few.
We moored above the valley of the River Dane,

It winds through the fields

and here there seems to be the remains of a weir, can't see any reason for it at this point on the river but there is definitely a masonry lip between the far bank and the little islet. One more little mystery that probably has a totally mundane explanation, if only I knew what it was.
Today it was back to Middlewich, as we watered below Big Lock the weather decided to add a little entertainment to the day,

up came the clouds and down came the sleet, it made life just a little more interesting.

Top up the victualling cupboard tomorrow and then off.
Struggling for anything of interest today but at least there is snooker on the telly this week.


Alf said...

Sorry to upset you but..........
Lock 75

Monday 5 December 2011 - Friday 9 December 2011
UPDATE (06 December 2011): Initial investigations have resulted in more substantial remedial work being identified in the lock area. As a result of this, the stoppage will be extended until Friday 16th December 2011.

Please note that from Monday 12th December 2011 the length affected will be from Croxton Aqueduct to the top of Lock 73.

British Waterways apologises for any inconvenience caused by the extension of this stoppage

ditchcrawler said...

Canada Geese taste fine but old ones can be a bit tough and some of them can be very old.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Cheers Alf, as luck would have we crossed the work boat heading for big lock as we went up Middlewich Locks yesterday. We're now out on the Middlewich Arm.