Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Can't think of a title.

The weather did just about permit, on Sunday we came up the Audlem flight in a mixture of pouring rain and light rain. It was not the most pleasant transit but we stopped at Adderley, stoked up the stove and watched the UK snooker final, won by Jud Trump, and a good final it was.
Yesterday we came up the Adderley flight and were surprised to find, in the second pound,

a dredger busily at work, chatting to the lads I found they are working all the way down to the Shroppie Fly, so you see, dredging does happen. Needless to say we stopped at the farm shop at the top of the flight, you should see the size of the Barnsley Chops we bought, and then on to Market Drayton.
Today Jill finished off the Christmas cards.

After finishing the cross stitching they were washed, here are some of them drying, and then attached to the cards. Bless her, she then wrote and addressed them all, what a star.
We want to be up at The Anchor for Sunday but the weather forecast does not look good.

Watch this space.................

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jampot55 said...

ha ha --- had to laugh at your "title" --- I often have that problem and, in fact, am struggling to find one right now!! We are today at Goldstone Wharf so will be crossing "paths" pretty soon now - do wave!! cheers, Janice and Dai of NB Jandai