Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Weaver (cont.)

We came down on to the Weaver for a week-end, we've been here for a fortnight, it's quite addictive. The only problem is that there is no diesel available down here.
Northwich is a pleasant town with a Sainsburys and most other shops. As it rained I didn't take the camera into town

but did get a couple of piccies of the swing bridges.

These are the moorings at Vale Royal, we spent three days just enjoying the peace.

This chap was opposite us every day, well perhaps it was a different one, they all look the same to me, but there was a heron there every day!

We did make it up to Winsford, passing the salt mine, they're stocking up ready for next winters big freeze.

The head of navigation, there's about room to squeeze two boats onto the moorings but as no one has a good word to say about Winsford we didn't stop

but went back down past the remains of the old wharves,

squeezed under New Bridge

and back to Vale Royal.
We are now back at Northwich, moored just below Hunts Lock, much nicer than the town centre and only a twenty minute walk to town.

Must decide what we are doing next, can't remember what plan B was.

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