Friday, 4 June 2010

Return to Dutton Locks.

It was back to Dutton Locks where the Lockie is the most helpful anywhere, when I broke my false choppers he even went through Yellow Pages to find a dental technician, beat that for service. Anyway we spent a couple of days on the moorings above the locks, the photo's are the view both ways from the side hatch, really a nice quiet place. It is definitely young bird time, we watched swans, ducks, coots and even a pair of great crested grebes with their young, I'm no twitcher but I do like to see birds about. We're at Acton Bridge again and Jill is up the farm shop topping up the victuals, good shop as well, if you're ever on the Weaver it's worth a visit, so is the Leigh Arms, top food and beer. Here endeth the adverts.

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