Monday, 12 April 2010

Lack of signal on the Shroppie.

We are now back at Market Drayton after travelling down to Nantwich, no signal for the internet all the way and when we finally got to Nantwich we found only GPRS, makes keeping the blog up to date a bit difficult but we are still alive. We had a couple of days at the bottom of Adderly locks, we think it's one of the most attractive moorings on the Shroppie, we were amazed at how few boats were out and about over Easter, perhaps the weather put people off. Now heading to Norbury Junction to leave the boat for a couple of weeks as we are off to Plymouth for the grandsons christening, one more hired car to notch up.
You can't go through Audlem without taking a photo' of the Shroppie Fly and the Mill. Jill had a good browse and topped up her supply of cross stitch threads and we had a meal in The Bridge, brilliant food, good menu and cooked to perfection.

Took this shot in a hurry, Seaford is my home town and I was unaware that there was a boat named after it, just goes to show.


Sue said...

We are half a mile ahead of you.... see you tomorrow!

Graham & Jill Findlay said...

Thanks for the help.