Saturday, 4 July 2009

Just our latest moves.

We left Warwick last Tuesday and moved on as far as Long Itchington, it was red hot and by the time we arrived we had both had about enough, Jill had kindly allowed me to work the locks while she steered, at last I have managed to get her to steer through wide locks! We spent a very pleasant day there and were joined on Wednesday evening by our daughter Cairstine and grandsons Noah and Jonah. After a pleasant meal in the Two Boats (and a couple of pints of Tribute) we put the boys to bed and caught up on the family news.
Thursday we worked our way round to The Bridge at Napton on the Oxford Canal and our guests departed Friday morning. It was great to see them.
Today we worked up the Napton Flight and found ourselves a nice mooring with a view out across beautiful country. You can't beat living as an itinerant.
Sorry there are no piccys but can't get a 3G signal on the dongle and GPRS is soooo sloooooow that it won't load them, will put some on as soon as I can find a signal

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