Monday, 20 July 2009

Catching up.

Well at long last we have a 3G signal and should be able to get something posted today, where to start? Back at Warwick I suppose.

In the parish church they have some graffiti carved into one of the tombs, the dates are 1707 and 1793, nothing new there then.

You can't visit Warwick without seeing the castle, it is quite impressive.

They had a falconry display, unfortunately the eagle went on strike and hid in a tree right next to us.

When he did fly off he promptly got buzzed by a kestrel, some cheek!

We met this nice family group

and found mother in laws cooking pot.

We finished the day with a small libation in a fine pub. They sell a bitter from the Slaughterhouse Brewery called Tilted Pig, excellent.

As already mentioned we had daughter Cairstine and Noah and Jonah onboard for a couple of days, here they are discussing which way the lock gate goes.

After their departure we changed plans and went round to Napton, here's a view of the locks, a bridge and the windmill, it is visible on the skyline, honest.

My but I've got style, a real fashion icon.

We wended our way to Cropredy where I actually managed to land this little beauty. I also got smashed up by something a lot bigger, it went straight under the boat and that was that.

Now in Calcutt Marina for three weeks as we are off to Plymouth for three weeks as another grandchild is due to arrive today.
Breaking news, it's a boy Elliot Oliver, 7lb12ozs, both doing fine!!!

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Bill Rodgers said...

Let's see, pictures of:
a castle,
an eagle,
a museum,
a pub recomendation and a fine bitter,
fashion recomendation,
and a fine fish..
Excellent blog