Saturday, 23 February 2013

Yet another brief note.

I fear this is just another brief note as living on a boat in a marina is about as uneventful as living in a house. However things are looking up, yesterday was another trip down to Banbury, this time to collect Jill's new glasses. So now we are fully kitted out and all medical/visual/dental adventures complete.
The store ship occours on Monday, the car goes back on Tuesday and time, tide and weather permitting we will be off. Unfortunately the Braunston locks don't re-open until the eighth so we just intend pottering down to Banbury, well we quite like it, and back and then it will be heigh ho for the open road or, in our case, canal.
Mustn't forget that it's the third weekend of the six nations. England v France, could be a stormer.

Watch this space..........

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