Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Frozen Wastes.

What to say? Market Bosworth is a splendid place and the Olde Red Lion a fine hostelry with excellent beer, we are becoming locals. Iced firmly in and wondering if a thaw is likely to occour. Christmas was excellent, far to much food as usual and plenty of lolling about, ideal.
Yesterday we discovered, from Pete and Lisa, on Pickles No2, met them in the Red Lion, they're frozen in at Far Coton, that Ian on Gosty Hill is iced in at Sutton Cheney but he has acquired the services of a van and is continuing his deliveries, what a player. We were getting a bit fretful as we are down to our last two bags of Supertherm but now have ten more bags arriving today, hopefully that will see us through until it thaws. Now I know you are all worrying and saying "Oh poor them, what will they do for water?" well rest assured, we moored within a hose length of the water point, we may be crazy but we're not daft! Just hope the tap doesn't freeze, ok so far.
Still not enough signal to download photos' so I shall just try to put the occasional comment on while we sit here suffering from cabin fever.

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