Thursday, 5 November 2009


We were still at Barby yesterday and as the weather was pleasant we decided to walk out to Willoughby on local footpaths, this was a mistake as the local footpaths, so lovingly recorded on ordnance survey maps, were, to say the least, obscure.The local farmers appear to have taken great delight in plowing over them and padlocking the gates along the way. Being intrepid explorers we made it to the village with each boot weighing a ton, the local clay is rather clinging!

Needless to say Willoughby has a church

and a pub, The Rose, which was open but, to be honest, was not up to scratch, five out of ten.

Next to the pub was the old school, now a private house, and a playing field exclusively for the village children under sixteen years of age. We walked back along the towpath

and passed the old signal again.
Why does my mind keep wandering to Yorkshire Pudding?
Today we moved back to Braunston as tomorrow we're being measured for a new cratch cover, more excitement.

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