Friday, 30 October 2009

Hillmorton, mostly.

We have had a really exciting day, made it to Rugby and ......Daaa-daaah, Tescos!!! OK we had to stock up on essentials, red wine, sherry, malt and I think we bought some food.
To go back, Braunston and we finally caught up with Chris and Jude

on Theathenia, didn't get a photo' of them but they are good mates and we caught up with their happenings, and supped a drop of red with them.

Between Braunston and Hillmorton you run alongside the old Great Central Railway, long closed but this signal still stands forlornly waiting for a train that will never come.

At Hillmorton you have three sets of paired locks with the church towering over them.

These were the central workshops of the Oxford Canal, now a busy boatyard and hire base.

At the bottom of the locks we came across this Rose Boat (Which we had already met at Braunston)

with its splendid Anglo-American crew, it was great talking with you guys, hope we will see you on the cut in future.

Where do people get there boats names from?

Although some are more obvious.


Anonymous said...

And.....why was Ellie's Marbles moored (for at least) two days on the lock moorings this week?

Alistair said...

Hey Graham, Its the Rose Narrowboat Anglo American crew checking in to say hi. Hope to keep in touch and would be lovely to know where you are now. Back at work in the rat race and Amercians safely dispatched back to the States. x