Sunday, 6 September 2009

Autumn is here.

Autmn appears to be about here, fields are brown, sky is clouded over and as mentioned before, many red berries adorn the towpath bushes but this isn't a bad view from the kitchen window.
Yesterday was fire preparation, first job was to sweep the flue, out came the flue brush, off fell the head of said brush, lucky I'm a minor genius, out came the cable ties and the head was reattached and the flue duly attacked. The obligatory bucket of soot was removed and only about half a bucket spread about the cabin and only minor amounts adhered to me. The stove was then assaulted with suitable blacklead, I was less successful at keeping that off of me but it only went up as far as my elbows. The result, a highly polished stove, can be seen behind Jill who is busily cross stitching the Christmas cards, a sure sign that autumn is here, as reliable a sign as the swallows heading south and desparate boaters cleaning chimneys.

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