Monday, 7 October 2013

Huzzah for Enterprise.

Well that was a fun trip down. Once we got onto the motorway the steering wheel started to vibrate and by the time we reached Strensham Services the car was becoming undriveable at anything over sixty-five. We stopped and 'phoned Enterprise, Daventry, from where we had hired the car, they asked if we could make it to their Cheltenham branch, about eight miles, which wasn't a problem and they said they would contact that branch and ask them to fix us up with a new car. We found the branch and, although it was Saturday lunchtime and they were heaving with customers, they had us in  a new car and on our way within twenty minutes. Altogether, from my first 'phone call to leaving the Cheltenham branch it had taken one hour ten minutes. I reckon that is good service. I think the first car had probably shed a balance weight off of one of the front wheels. We also got an upgrade to a bigger car.
Anyway, we made it safe to Plymouth and yesterday we spent a quiet day, first with a visit to the Plym Valley Railway.

Elliot and Esme, starting their Bucket List?

Then the local Harley dealership where they posed with suitably grim Harley faces. I still miss my 'bikes, daft old so and so that I am.

Watch this space..............

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James said...

Once bikes are in your blood is hard to let go, I even started measuring my cruiser stern! I reckon I may be able to squeeze one of those mini of road BMW's on, definitely not a hog though.