Monday 28 September 2015

Moving on, at last.

So the dental work is all finished and I now have a smile like a filmstar: Richard Kiel.
We set out from Wigram's last Thursday and it has been travel alternating with watching the rugby since then. Don't mention Wales within my hearing.

Saturday we left the top of Hillmorton Locks watched by what was, I am sure, an appreciative aerial audience.

I was the elected lock worker that day. We made it to just short of Sutton's Stop and moored for the rest of the day. Rugby, the game not the town, is rather in charge at the moment although we did make a brief stop at the town to top up the fridge at Tescos.

Jill did well with this photo' yesterday, it shows how tight the 180 degree turn under the bridge really is. For those unfamiliar with the layout at Hawkesbury Junction that is the Oxford Canal coming from the right and the Coventry heading of on the left. We were heading off up the Coventry towards the Ashby Canal.

And at Marston Junction we turned off under the bridge and through the remains of the old stop lock and onto the Ashby. One day I will get through there without scraping the side.

Watch this space...

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Yvonne said...

Hi Guys,
I noticed you haven't blogged for a few months. I hope you're both OK, just off doing more exciting things than sitting out the winter???
best wishes
Yvonne & Roger