Sunday, 28 August 2011

Strange beings and a heron up a tree.

Friday's planned move never occurred, we woke early to the sound of rain on the roof and so it stayed all day and so did we, no point in getting soaked.

 On Saturday we made a really early start, 0630, with the dawn sun highlighting a stubble field. Soon we were at Awbridge Lock with it's fancy bridge parapet

and a dainty little cast iron split bridge,

reminiscent of the Sratford on Avon bridges, the split originally being there so the boatman could pass the towing line through the bridge without disconnecting from horse or boat. This one is neatly placed so that once the bottom gates are open you can't get across it unless you are an acrobat, Jill preferred to walk round.

A bit farther on we passed Roach, last seen on the 20th at Worcester fully laden, they had obviously made their delivery despite low water and were now back at base.
Strange things lurk in the undergrowth along this canal,

little faces leer out from the hedges, from The Bratch to Compton there are a plethora of them. No idea who or why but I suppose everyone should have a hobby.

Jill is over the moon with this one. Amazing how such a big bird can perch on little more than a twig.
At Cut End we realised we had made a mistake, turn round day at Napton Narrowboats, beyond the stop lock it was utter chaos, boats all over the place, I was too busy steering to get any photo's but trust me, do not go there at weekends in the season if you value either you sanity or your paintwork, as I'm well short on both it didn't matter so much.
We moored on the S.U.C.S. moorings by bridge 8 on the Shroppie at 1100, just as the heavens opened.
Today the weather is much the same as it has been for most of the summer, cold, wet and windy.

Watch this space..............

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